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PRONATAL has performed thousands of successful IVF cycles since being founded in 1996. Look at why we are thriving.

Our success rate is high thanks to our quality technologies, techniques and decades of experience.

PRONATAL is a part of the MEDICON group, the biggest operator of outpatient care in Prague, it employs over 300 doctors within more than 50 specialisations. Thanks to this we are able to provide a truly complex medical care.

The care in our centers is tailored to every client. We are also able to solve specific problems.

do you have a difficulty getting pregnant?

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Impairment of fertility can have several different causes. In many cases, there is just one. However, quite often several problems can meet to keep you from your dream of having your own child, and your only hope is assisted reproduction and IVF (artificial insemination). Before starting the treatment, we perform some necessary tests that will help us uncover what prevents you from conceiving a baby.

Each couple is different and therefore needs a consultation with a professional.

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