Social Freezing

Social freezing is the preventive freezing of your own healthy eggs or sperm for future use. In today's civilized world, social freezing is a common practice.

Freezing eggs

A woman is the most fertile between the ages of 20 and 30. After 35 years of age, the egg quality and fertility fall sharply. At the age of 40, only about 20% of women become pregnant without difficulty. In order for a woman to have a baby at an older age, we recommend freezing the eggs ideally by 30 years old and at a maximum of 35 years old. Of course, a woman can always try to conceive naturally, and she may never use the frozen eggs.

The frozen eggs will last up to 12 years.
The quality of the eggs is maintained.
95 % of eggs survive freezing.

Freezing eggs is suitable for women

  • that have to postpone motherhood for various reasons,
  • who are awaiting oncological treatment,
  • whose ovaries will be removed for health reasons.

The course

The first step is a gynecological examination and blood collection. According to the results, we will recommend the appropriate hormonal stimulation, thanks to which there is a greater number of eggs during a single cycle.

Hormones are applied by the woman to her subcutaneous tissue with a thin needle usually for one week.

After 10 to 14 days of stimulation, you come to the clinic to check the height of the uterine lining by ultrasound and to determine the date for the collection of eggs.

We take the eggs with a puncture needle from both ovaries through the vagina under short general anesthesia, 10 minutes is sufficient. We'll let you go home approximately two hours after the procedure.

We treat the removed eggs with cryoprotectants. These are substances that protect them from frost damage. The eggs are frozen by so-called vitrification, which is the most modern and gentlest method.

Social freezing for women around forty significantly increases the chances of getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby.

Freezing of sperm

You can have your sperm frozen at any age, but the number of sperm counts and their quality decreases with older age.

Frozen sperm can last more than 20 years.
The quality of the sperm is maintained.
80 % of sperm survives freezing.

Freezing sperm is suitable for men

  • who spend time in an environment with increased levels of harmful substances,
  • who do risky sports or serve in the army,
  • who are putting off fatherhood,
  • who live in an unhealthy lifestyle, smoke, spend most of their time at a computer,
  • who are awaiting oncological treatment.

The course

First, you have to come to give blood and urine so we can conduct the legally prescribed laboratory tests for infectious diseases. If everything is fine, we make an appointment to collect semen.

Sampling usually occurs through masturbation in an intimate room at our clinic or at your home. You must bring your home collected sample to the clinic within half an hour of collection. In some cases, we need to take the sperm sample microsurgically, either through the MESA or TESE method.

This is followed by a sperm examination called a semen analysis, which determines the volume of ejaculate, the number of sperm, its motility and morphology. Semen analysis values vary greatly over time, so we may have to repeat the collection and semen analysis to get enough healthy sperm to freeze.

We will freeze the high-quality sperm using so-called cryopreservation. They are then stored in liquid nitrogen storage tanks at about -195 ° C.

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