Genetic examinations of the couple prior to the onset of infertility treatment and the early detection of embryonic genetic defects reduce the number of unsuccessful IVF cycles to a minimum. Modern genetics is therefore an important part of assisted reproduction.

Genetic examination of the couple

This consultation and examination of the couple is professionally called the preconception genetic examination of the couple. It is especially important for couples who have a real risk of having a genetic condition in the family, and there is a risk that this disease may recur in the next generation in the future.

Genetic examination of embryos

For embryos, based on the recommendations of clinical genetics when there is a known genetic risk in the family, we perform either a preimplantation diagnosis of monogenic diseases and chromosome aberrations - PGD (i.e. whether the embryo inherited from one or both parents a mutated gene causing the disease) or preimplantation genetic screening - PGS aneuploidy (a disorder, where the chromosomes are either missing or excessive). If the embryo has the correct number of pairs of chromosomes (23 pairs), it is suitable for transmission to the uterus.

Clinic and laboratory of genetics

Our genetic workplace has been operating since 2002 and PRONATAL thus became the first IVF center in the Czech Republic with its own genetic laboratory. In order for the lab to work well, it includes a workplace and department of clinical geneticists, who prescribe the necessary examinations and subsequently explain the results of the examinations to patients.

The workplace specializes primarily in the genetic testing of potential parents and their embryos. The laboratory is ISO certified, and the accreditation procedures are accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute (ČIA). The proof of the expertise and quality of our workplace is that other IVF centers also order examinations in our laboratory.

We owe that to the team of specialists as well as the top-class laboratory facilities.

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Two types of genetic examination are part of infertility treatment:

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