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The first day of the menstrual cycle is the day you start bleeding. If you started bleeding after 6pm then the following day is counted as the first day.

There are different kinds of stimulation drugs, and usually several are combined. They may be in the form of nasal sprays or in the form of injections which are given subcutaneously (under the skin).

Infertility treatment is often long-term and therefore sick leave applies only to those situations where the physical or psychological stress caused by the working environment may negatively affect the treatment itself. These situations include the ovarian stimulation performed in order to remove the eggs from the follicles and the period after the removal. The sick leave lasts until a confirmation or an exclusion of a pregnancy.

The reason for their withdrawal is always a negative pregnancy test result. However, do not stop the treatment by yourself. Always consult everything with your doctor.

From the 11th to 12th day, but the ideal time is a blood test on the 14th day after ET. After IUI, it is even enough if the test is done with a delay of your menstruation. Repeated examinations and ultrasound are important steps which help us to exclude ectopic pregnancy.

That depends on the kind of the treatment and the intensity hormonal stimulation of the ovaries. Usually it is advisable to go through at least 2-3 cycles so that ovaries can "relax" and respond well to the stimulation during the following treatment.

The eggs are capable of fertilisation for approximately 24 hours, but fertilisation usually occurs during the first 8-12 hours. Sperm remains in the female genital tract even over 5 days, but they are most capable to fertilise an egg during the first 48 hours.

Extracorporeal fertilisation does not require the couple to be married. However, under the current legislation, a written request for the treatment with signatures from both the man and woman in a couple is required, even in cases where donated gametes are necessary for the treatment.

A normal seminogram result is considered to be at least 15 million sperm per 1 ml of ejaculate, out of which at least 32% shows a progressive motility and 4% has the shape accepted as normal. Sperm values can vary, so it is suitable to repeat the examination after 1.3 months in a case of any abnormal findings. 

It always depends on the circumstances. As for a spontaneous termination of the pregnancy in the early stages, and the miscarriage happened without any further health complications, it is possible to try again almost immediately. But it is necessary to consult your health condition with your doctor. As for a miscarriage taken care of by the instrumental uterine cavity revision, it is recommended to wait for 3-4 months.

If you want to launch another attempt to get pregnant after giving birth naturally or by a caesarean section (c-section), the intervals are different. An interval of 6 months is recommended after a natural birth and an interval of 12 months is recommended after a c-section. It is important to realise that at the beginning of the therapy it is not possible to breastfeed.

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