Primo Vision

PrimoVision is a unique technology that incorporates a camera microscope, a recording device and an incubator that allows us to continually monitor embryo development in the incubator.

PrimoVision is a unique technology that allows us to closely monitor embryo development in the laboratory. It's actually a microscope with a camera that records the events in the incubator. The embryologist monitors the development of all embryos on the screen and can assess whether they are developing properly. Thanks to PrimoVision, we can eliminate embryos with the wrong number of chromosomes. For transfer to the uterus, we will eventually select an embryo that has the greatest chance of developing into a healthy offspring.

On average, only half of the fertilized eggs develop into an embryo that we can successfully use for artificial insemination. Observing embryonic development with PrimoVision increases the success rate of treatment by up to 9%.

How embryo monitoring works with PrimoVision:


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